I was born in Yakima Washington in 1951 into an Air Force family. I started school in the English school system, graduated from Radford High School in Honolulu in 1969. I have a BFA from California St. University, Hayward (1973) and a MFA from Portland St. University, Portland Oregon (1978).

            The summer of 1978 with a new baby we moved to Yakima Washington and I went to work driving a delivery truck for the Pennzoil Co. ,after a few years I was promoted to Facility Mgr. and continued in that position until 1999. During my tenure at Pennzoil I continued to paint and sell my work in Portland, Seattle, Honolulu and Yakima.

In 2000 I started Blue Skies fishing, a fly fishing guide service on the Yakima and Naches rivers. I continue to work on the water and in my studio.

            This web site was inspired by people that have collected my work over the years and have made contact with me on the internet.

            On a personal note I would like to thank my wife Liz for her love and support during the last forty years, It’s is not easy being married to a painter and fisherman, but it’s not been boring either.

Artist Statement

Still painting after all these years.


“Randal Sumner drives a Pennzoil truck in Yakima, and makes strangely moving paintings of bowls, table tops, red peppers, fish, windows—common objects that become extraordinary and vital.

The colors he chooses are not the fraught and anxious reds and blacks of his contemporaries making the new figurative work, but the smooth, vast colors of O’Keeffe and Diebenkorn: clear blues and pinks, white and a black that seems infused with all sorts of light and lushness. In short colors that are easy on the eye, and come dangerously close to bathos. But what Sumner has managed to do with the colors is far from easy, and his work makes me believe in the validity of painting……

Combining a poetic sense of the world with a formidable technique, Sumner’s  paintings describe the physical world as it is if you’re really looking.”

Sabrina Ullmann, Willamette Week 1983. Review/Sunbow Gallery/Portland Oregon